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TOOLS THAT ARE EITHER in auction NOW or will be auctioned Later
If not in auction now!  Make me an offer I can't refuse!
All shipped PRORITY -- NO combinations!  ONE TOOL per BOX
  ALL of these Hand Tool Are Craftsman unless noted          
            The Picture explains exactly what you are buying! 
  Craftsman 3/8 Dr -6 pt Deep Metric & Standard LG INCH sockets        1 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/5-18-2011/444az.jpg
  7 Pieces of Craftsman 1/2" Dr 12 pt Standard LG  Metric sockets       5 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/6-7-2011/12p-7pieces.jpg
  6 Pieces of Craftsman 3/8Dr  6point DEEP Metric Sockets       5 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/6-7-2011/38d-6p-6.jpg
  8 Pcs Craftsman 3/8" dr Ratchet  & 6 Inch Standard LG sockets       5 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/6-7-2011/hjk777.jpg
  12PC Craftsman  1/4" Dr  4 Deep  & 6 Std LG  INCH sockets        5 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/6-7-2011/rfv555.jpg
  Craftsman 3/8 Dr -12 pt DEEP  INCH sockets        1 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/7-8-2011/213pop.jpg
  Craftsman 1/2" dr  12point  INCH  sockets       2 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-1-2011/bvb987.jpg
  Craftsman 1/2" dr  6 point Standard LG   INCH  sockets       2 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-1-2011/try777.jpg
  Craftsman  3/8" dr  6 Point Standard LG  Inch sockets       6 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-14-2011/1a9k5h.jpg
  16 pcs  CRAFTSMAN 3/8" drive  6 Point METRIC sockets       6 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-14-2011/1x2c3v.jpg
  12PC Craftsman  3/8" Dr  4 Deep  & 7 Std LG  METRIC sockets        6 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-14-2011/3s8d6g.jpg
  Spark plug set 13/16 & 5/8"    3/8 drive  w/2 extensions       6 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-14-2011/4f6g8j.jpg
  DEEP and STD LG sockets  1/2" dr   12 Point        6 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-14-2011/6h8k2b.jpg
  3/8" dr Standard LG   6 point INCH sockets       6 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-14-2011/9w6e5r.jpg
  3/4" DRIVE  Impact Universal Joint  ARMSTRONG       3 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-15-2011/00034drive.jpg
  KD Tool  265 Cylinder Hone       3 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-15-2011/12345asdf.jpg
  1/2" drive  and 3/8" dr   IMPACT Universal Set  Armstrong & ATD       3 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/8-15-2011/657fhdk.jpg
  3/8" drive  6 Point Metric Sockets all Craftsman  STD LG       1 http://toolspecs.com/2011/tools/sockets/10pcs38dr6pt-metric332.jpg
Rules are SIMPLE:  if you want any of these hand tools If you buy anything YOU MUST pay with PayPal NO exceptions
make me an offer…. I will consider it!    IF the tool is in auction
Then we will wait until the auction is over and the high bidder  Everything is SOLD in the Continental USA ONLY
wins.   SO BID HIGH